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Riddle from Oct 13 2019
Sightless sends an arrow straight.
Akin to nothing is its weight.
Like fur it grows on hairless head.
Never sleeps yet stays in bed.
Riddle from Oct 06 2019
A man with skull above his head,
Gives commands afar with lead,
Rides on wood with yards on high,
His question is: to yield or die.
Riddle from Sep 29 2019
Weakest of the four,
Still my force is writ as law.
I can drive you to the floor,
And hold you in my claw.
Men with me will compete,
Abandon ye that urge.
My power is complete,
All that rises must converge!
Riddle from Sep 22 2019
Crystal cages always paired
Connected by a passage shared.
Holds a stream that is dry,
Until is low what once was high.
If there's more that you would learn
Then you simply must return.
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