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For sales related queries, please contact: (with the two "j"s removed)
For website comments, please contact: (with the two "j"s removed)
For all other questions or comments, please contact: (with the two "j"s removed)
Are your emails to us bouncing back undeliverable?
Our ISP uses a vigorous SPAM blocking technique that sometimes blocks non-SPAM based on the sending ISP. If you're having troubles contacting us please use our contact form.
Our physical address is:
Cloud Kingdom Games
430A Belford St POB 5554
Frisco, CO 80443

Game submissions
We do not accept unsolicted game submissions. Any such submissions received will be discarded unopened, so don't send them!

If you are interested in being considered for artwork, please contact us at (with the two "j"s removed).
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