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Now available - Riddles in a Language Arts classroom containing twenty different Cloud Kingdom riddles with accompanying worksheets. Teach poetic forms the fun way! Riddles in a language arts classroom

Using Riddles in a Classroom

Doug Carr
May 2007
Doug Carr has earned both a California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Social Studies and English and a Multiple Subject Credential (K-8).  In addition, he has a Masters in Education with a focus in Educational Technology.  He has taught elementary, secondary, and adult education classes.  Currently, he is working full-time for California Virtual Academy as a K-8 teacher, and part-time as a Home/Hospital Teacher at the secondary level. 
Riddle of the Day
Put a new riddle up every day to solve during roll/check-in. Students worked in groups and each group compiles points, with prizes at given times of the year for groups based upon the amount of points (ie: riddles correctly solved).
Poetry Unit
I have done poetry units with Sonnets & Haikus & Free-verse, & Limmericks & of course RIDDLES! Tolkien's riddles work great - except for those well read children who shout out answers from the Hobbit since they have already read it 13 times at such a young age...
Substitute Teaching
Great back-up plan lesson when the lessons provided are, well, less than quality lessons.
  • Pull out the Riddle Book.
  • Read some sample riddles.
  • Give a quick lesson on how to write riddles.
  • Students write some.
  • Teacher picks good ones to try to stump the class.
  • The period ends without any food fights or lost limbs.
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