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Cloud Kingdom Riddle of the Week
Sun Jul 30
This Week's Riddle
A Cloud Kingdom Classic Riddle
From Indy 2007
My arms catch but need no mitt
Lacking elbow, hand and wrist.
'Round and 'round and 'round they go
Always hungry for more grist.
Tirelessly toiling
My brethren dot the plain.
And if you need to find me
Your search might be in vane.
Riddle Books!
2017-04-14 17:30   ID#  91041

We're reprinting our riddle books and cleaning out our existing inventory. While supplies last, you can get Tower of the RiddleMaster , Quest for the RiddleStone and Riddle of the Unicorn for only $6.95 each - with free domestic shipping! Limited time offer and quantities.

Game guide
2013-10-05 09:42   ID#  52781
Looking for a two player game? A game for your group? A strategy game? We've set up a guide to help you find the perfect game.
Grande Temple of Jing
2013-01-14 12:40   ID#  50141

There's a new Kickstarter for the The Grande Temple of Jing, an epic, no-holds-barred megadungeon designed for the Pathfinder system. It's content can be ported or modified for use with your favorite fantasy RPG. It is written in the spirit of old school dungeoncrawls, but with modern rules and sensibilities. The Grande Temple will contain at least one level for every character levels 1 through 20, and will even have content for epic level characters.

In addition to submissions from such legendary RPG icons as Monte Cook, Jonathan Tweet and Skip Williams, Cloud Kingdom Games will be adding in a series of riddles!

Although Cloud Kingdom is not publishing the book, we're proud to be contributors.

The Kickstarter offers several backer tiers for virtually any budget. GMs can earn game aids to help them run the adventure, such as a customizable game screen, stylized glass bead tokens, and digital files. Players can earn rewards such as a Player's Guide (with new races), secret treasure maps, and even t-shirts.

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