Riddle of the Week
This week's riddle
A mixed up birth, beaten young,
Pockmarked face, has no tongue.
Cast in irons, denied the sun,
But soon he tanned and brown becomes.
Sweet the blood he then might hold,
Or perhaps he'll swim in gold,
Often though, a milky cloud
Will become his funeral shroud.
This riddle written by MDM
Cloud Kingdom News
1/2/2021 Happy New Web Site!

It took a bit longer than we had hoped, but the new web site is now live. ... just in case you couldn't tell.

All your old bookmarks should still work.

11/10/2020 Dungeon Craft Traps Talk

Professor Dungeonmaster gives a talk on his Dungeon Craft series about traps in your D&D campaigns and mentions some of our books. You can check it out here

8/5/2019 New web site
A new web site is coming soon, one that's friendly to mobile, tablet and touch screens. As soon as the beta site is available, we'll let you know.