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#50309 - Indy 2008

Indy 2008

Indy 2008 Riddle Book

Each year since 1992 Cloud Kingdom Games has played a game with the attendees atGenCon, first in Milwaukee and now in Indianapolis.
Every hour during the convention we put up a new riddle for people to solve.If they solve it, they get a RiddleMaster ribbon to put on their badge.
We do this not only for fun but also to test out riddles and make sure there aren'tany other correct answers for the riddle. We always want our riddles to have onlyone correct answer.
This book contains the thirty riddles that went up during convention hoursat GenCon in 2009. Most of these have gone out on the web site as riddles of the weekand many of them have been incorporated into other Cloud Kingdom products.

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Indy 2008
Perfect bound, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
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