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#50501 - Dice Dungeons

Do you have dice that INSIST on rolling a one when you need a twenty?

Perhaps your dice have just lost their good numbers - or are saving them up. It's punish time! Put them in jail, show them a lesson and when they come out, see just how good they roll.

Dice Dungeons are available with five different border colors: red, blue, green, black and gold so you can tell yours apart from your friends.

Want a really special Dice Dungeon? How about Dice Hell for your really bad dice.

Or for your Piratical Dice that can't swing a cutlass, there's also the Dice Brig, perfect for the dice that arrrrrn't rolling like you want them to.

#50501-B - Dice Dungeon/Blue border
#50501-G - Dice Dungeon/Green border
#50501-H - Dice Dungeon/Hell
#50501-K - Dice Dungeon/Black border
#50501-L - Dice Dungeon/Gold border
#50501-P - Dice Dungeon/Pirate
#50501-R - Dice Dungeon/Red border
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