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#58207 - Convention Grab-bag

Convention Grab-bag

The convention grab bag is a box stuffed with a selection of Cloud Kingdom products and materials for use in a convention or for charitable events.

This product is available only after contacting Cloud Kingdom Games.

For the Convention Grab bag, we'll take at least $75 MSRP of product. You only pay an $18.50 charge to cover shipping and handling.

  • This package is only available to gaming conventions or charitable groups and only after contacting and being confirmed as an actual convention or charitable group.
  • The contents of the package will vary, however the minimum MSRP will be at least $75.
  • No more than two of any one SKU will be included in the box.
  • Some of the items may have been returned from distribution channels, but all are what we consider saleable.
  • Shipping and handling is for our standard domestic shipping. International or expedited shipping costs are additional.
  • A password is required to add this product to your cart. This password is only available from Cloud Kingdom sales.
We are currently not accepting orders
our offices are closed until 9/23/2019

Convention Grab-bag
64 oz (1814g)
$18.50 USD
Part #
Cloud Kingdom Games

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