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Castle of Magic
# 50010

Castle of Magic

A Monster is lurking in the depths of Castle Bondi. The rulers of three neighboring countries journeyed to the Castle to vanquish the monster but were themselves devoured. When they died, the three Items of Power - a Crown, an Amulet and a Scepter - were lost with them.
Castle of Magic is a four to six player game of intrique and suspense. Each player takes the part of one of 16 wizards who is trying to gain control of one of the three mystical items while also learning how to cast the Ritual spell which will either banish the monster or make him a servant.
As you play, each player gains more and more information about the items, the spell and the other players. Find an ally and you can win together; find your enemy and ensure that he fails.

The Fall of Castle Bondi
# 50012

The Fall of Castle Bondi - Castle of Magic expansion


  • Solitaire, two and three player optional rules.
  • "The Fall of Castle Bondi" and "Elemental Fury" scenarios - including new Wizards, secrets and optional rules.
  • Special ability tracking sheets. These tracking sheets give characters special abilities. We also split the Combat roll into "Attack" and "Defend", allow you to have a character who is awesome at attacking but weak at defending and vice-versa.
  • The humorous scenario, "Cattle of Magic".
  • A reprint of the original Castle Cursed expansion.

This expansion requires the Castle of Magic boardgame.

# 50423

Skorpion is a two player abstract strategy board game.

The object of Skorpion is to play a piece in the center of the board.

The game is played by playing pieces on the board, connecting newly placed pieces to ones already on the board. To play a piece on a connected space that’s your own or the neutral color only requires one existing piece to be connected to it. Playing a piece on your opponent’s color requires that you have two pieces in play connected to that space.

. Instead of playing a piece you may also move the Skorpion. The Skorpion and his tail (which is always in the previous spot the Skorpion occupied) not only blocks spaces but also will remove a piece from the board when it moves into it.

While the rules themselves are straightforward, the strategies unfold as you play and what may seem like imminent victory can swiftly change to defeat.

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