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As part of the ranking process for our Riddle of the Week, our readers vote on the difficulty of the riddles. Below are the five they have voted as our hardest ones; let's see how well you do with these.

Ranked 3.4/5
A Cyclops stares from pale white face.
Earrings seven his visage grace.
Atop his head are five tattoos.
Ebon black his pair of shoes.
On his pale back six scars dug deep.
He felt no pain and did not weep.
His job to tumble, bounce and fall;
But he's no fool. No not at all!
Ranked 3.7/5
Taken by the first,
Renown now in their place.
Given to the work,
Oft boldly on its face.
Necessity in court,
When you must say Grace.
Ranked 3.9/5
It will follow you as you steer
Clockwise in a roundabout.
A camp with lots of green within.
Guards the army while enroute.
A gift that makes you go away.
Get kicks out of it no doubt.
Ranked 3.0/5
Two PhDs were talking
Of what can never be.
If this then that, if that not this,
But this is true you see.
Ranked 3.2/5
With just one you can't count past six,
Nor cross the gap to x from v.
You may not speak days of the week,
Though of three months you may feel free.
Most songs you'll find are out of reach
Though you can sing from do to ti.
With one you may read these eight lines
But you can't name that which solves me.
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