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Riddle from May 19 2019
A quick bite,
whip's flight,
going batty in a trice.
Line breaks,
fingers speak,
warmth is gone and turns to ice.
Riddle from May 12 2019
Sometimes you will use it, to cause a decrease.
Sometimes you will take it, and anemia will cease.
Sometimes you will swing it, and a lie's undone.
Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum - look at the first one.
Riddle from May 05 2019
A gentle bend arching back,
To a single braid;
Who'd expect this graceful maid
To ply such deadly trade?
Riddle from Apr 28 2019
Those who know a special call
May try to summon me.
As I fly with piercing cry,
Most will try to flee.
I devour the victim whole
With a mouth not on my head.
A battle rages in the hope
I'll spit him out alive not dead.
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