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Riddle from Apr 15 2018
A sea that you might swim in
When crossing desert dry.
Cold in fear, toil's tear.
Cool and easy make it die.
Riddle from Apr 08 2018
Near to hand,
Late night man.
Time to guard,
Dog in yard.
Riddle from Apr 01 2018
It happens when the mop's a mess.
His crown is scrutinized,
First a soft sound, then a short bang,
As blades in tandem fly.
All evidence is swept away
And a lesser man will rise.
Riddle from Mar 25 2018
Begin at the beginning,
For foundation lay a square.
Triangle isosceles
For walls you'll need two pair.
Join the four together,
Circling in a ring,
And build a home eternal,
Where sleeps our lifeless king.
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