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Riddle from Feb 11 2018
Like a tide that ebbs and flows
With the turning of an age.
Like a snail with shining shell
That traps the land within a cage.
Takes diamonds fallen from on high
Joined to carve the earthly stage.
A mountain vast formed from the small
Slick and shiny, slippery wall.
Riddle from Feb 04 2018
Toothpick fit for giant's maw,
One end flat and one end dull,
No eyes are found, nor teeth are seen,
In this odd shaped scull.
Pull it if you need a push;
Don't keep it up if in a rush.
Riddle from Jan 28 2018
My sister is a saucy one
And Granny is a wanton tart
Dad's a cobbler who makes no shoes
And with your eye I'm in your heart.
Riddle from Jan 21 2018
The music when you must confess.
About it when you're turning round.
A card that stares off into space.
A plate on which no food is found.
Off it goes where two foes meet.
Planted when you hit the ground.
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