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Riddle from Sep 10 2017
Unsightly growth.
Unsighted pest.
On your skin, or in a nest.
Lives underground
Like roots avocado.
Or the most famous number
of Count Avogadro.
Riddle from Sep 03 2017
A union formed, they party on.
A union ended, behold the spawn.
A day of rest or unrest.
A strongman's dozen tests.
Riddle from Aug 27 2017
A slender snake with glossy skin.
His slender tongue becomes ebon.
He holds his slayer on his head
While he's devoured, 'til both are dead.
No wooden touch, no metal sheen,
His body stolen from the queen.
And once he's gone unto his doom
He steals some shadows from the room.
Riddle from Aug 20 2017
Discussing the issues, I'm found at the core.
Opportunity knocks, I open the door.
Together in chorus, such joy we will bring.
For long-term commitment, present me a ring.
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