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Riddle from Sep 09 2018
When I'm young I sit and sun
I never run and play.
And then some nice whiskers come
Which I won't shave away.
Tear me apart, find my hard heart
Really, I don't mind.
Then with keen or even cream
Me you'll surely find.
Riddle from Sep 02 2018
Like golden sand not on a beach,
Motes that flee from teeth and grit.
The craftsman makes it then throws it away.
Or raises it up with a little bit.
Riddle from Aug 26 2018
A follower devoted.
The flames promoted.
A wave for air.
A club or fare.
Riddle from Aug 19 2018
Without a hole it's worthless,
When having two it's junk.
Above a hole it dangles,
Useful when it's sunk.
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