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Riddle from Jul 14 2019
I have little room
And yet lots of space.
A living part of
A decades old race.
From Cape to the sands
(In old times the seas),
I can be found
In a place with no G's.
Riddle from Jul 07 2019
A single defender in armor,
Side by side with brethren waits.
When fragile it's the one that fails
And betrays all its mates.
On pages not on paper made,
It's how they will relate.
Riddle from Jun 30 2019
Like peaks and valleys that wander far.
A clue perhaps found in a car.
A digital description endures
Ink and paper signatures.
Dusting not to make it clean,
But to reveal the hidden scene.
Riddle from Jun 23 2019
Perhaps it holds a road in place,
Or swiftly knocks a ball,
Perhaps makes parties more spirited,
Or stands guard on the wall,
Perhaps it holds your heels up high,
Or prevents a slip and fall.
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