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Riddle from Apr 16 2017
Boxed when a dozen are laid
Rigged it is shoddy at best
Out a decision yet made
Trial by a peer's test
Riddle from Apr 09 2017
If I don't give you folks the slip,
You work to keep me under blade.
Don't use my sheets to make your bed
Nor wear my cap to give you shade.
Though there are those who want me crushed
Or in a block would trap me;
When others look for sweet relief,
I'm, so they say, their cup of tea.
Riddle from Apr 02 2017
Coming down some spiral stairs,
I come upon two mated pairs.
Clasping hands that bridge divides,
I see two grooms, I spy two brides.
Countless times I meet these four,
While circling down that spiral core.
Perfect bliss, without debate,
Each always faithful to its mate.
So what is this, this perfect stair?
A life long tale, without compare.
What is this, I ask of thee?
Name it now with letters three.
Riddle from Mar 26 2017
Concise spice.
Not a dot.
Lead with speed.
Jot a thought.
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