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Riddle from Nov 03 2019
Back and forth,
Or once around.
Pass them once again.
Lose it when
You lose your seat.
A drink by your best friend.
Riddle from Oct 27 2019
Shadow's shown.
Line is thrown.
Gives a part.
Molds some art.
Riddle from Oct 20 2019
Brothers four they quarreled long,
Each one claimed the others wrong.
And so they left that neutral site,
One up, one down, one left, one right.
Explorers now their vectors steal,
Affix them to a tiny wheel.
A priceless bargain, bar the cost
Feels the force, and aids the lost.
Riddle from Oct 13 2019
Sightless sends an arrow straight.
Akin to nothing is its weight.
Like fur it grows on hairless head.
Never sleeps yet stays in bed.
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