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Riddle from May 21 2017
The game is played.
The judgment made.
To chase and end with rings.
Adoring hordes,
Attendant Lords.
The crowd surrounding kings.
Riddle from May 14 2017
The immoral becomes eternal.
Reason turns to acts infernal.
The moral number their years.
Every error leads to fears.
If here is where you can't abide,
I can take you there to hide.
Riddle from May 07 2017
A blanket that is made of skin
Holds the ruddy darkness in.
A shield that cannot stop a blade
But against the sun a wall is made.
A single pupil under its care
Although no teacher is found there.
Riddle from Apr 30 2017
I'm a vast and endless sea,
Marked with isles of fire.
When something is not where it was,
I take its place entire.
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