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Riddle from Nov 04 2018
In the first place, something you should know,
It was said to start a tale of woe.
Now its eyes are sometimes said
To gleam from fallen blocks instead.
Sometimes fatal its cool embrace,
Sometimes deadly its pointed taste.
A healer's staff is tightly wrapped,
A charming way to earn your pay.
Riddle from Oct 28 2018
The present does not interest me,
Only of the past I write.
Stony words they claw in me,
I fill the young with fright.
Look at me and feel sad,
Then slowly turn your head.
We'll meet again when times are bad.
I'll crown you when you're dead.
Riddle from Oct 21 2018
Downward I fly, with all of my might.
The timid and brave from me all take flight.
In strength I destroy and nothing can stand.
In love I renew the health of the land.
Riddle from Oct 14 2018
It's bright, it's noble, it's light as air,
Any, one would guess.
A sign of the times, right on the table,
Brightly welcomes guests.
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