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Riddle from Jan 13 2019
Like a case of death that's going round.
Perhaps on slayer's back it's found.
Heads are down and tails are high,
Until it is the time to fly.
Or perhaps it is what you will do
When those heads look straight at you.
Riddle from Jan 06 2019
A note you don’t sing.
A key you don’t turn.
A stamp you don’t lick –
Try it once and you’ll learn!
Floats on a pond,
And sits on a chair.
Stepped on a lot,
With nary a care.
Riddle from Dec 30 2018
A mate without a spouse;
A box without a bow.
Santa's list, Santa's list;
The ice skater can't go.
Some will want to pay you;
Some want to be paid.
A time in, a time out.
Many marks are made.
Riddle from Dec 23 2018
Fearless, though it flees from fire.
Wingless, yet it's soaring higher.
Like night that's best seen in the day.
Cures the dead, the strong may slay.
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