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Riddle from Nov 12 2017
At sixteen hands
I’ve carried brands
And helped to drive the cattle.
I’ve danger shared
When, war declared,
I’ve turned the tide of battle.
When Helen’s lips
Launched many ships
With thousands came I thither.
But never Troy
Could Greeks destroy
‘Til I did them deliver.
Riddle from Nov 05 2017
Twisting, turning, ever boring
As I delve toward the core.
Then at last my arms are squeezed
When I can spin no more.
My single fang holds to its prey
Though I shall never eat.
Instead a path is newly cleared
So you can have a treat.
Riddle from Oct 29 2017
A man who is driven, driven to drink.
Sunburned, cold, pale not pink.
Sleeping in a dirty box.
Through the darkened streets he walks.
Though rarely found in a holy place,
He's born again, but not in grace.
Riddle from Oct 22 2017
Let's take a trip, not on a ship
Through many states, decreed by fates
If you want, start in Vermont
Get utility for a small fee.
Take a short stride to get a ride
Then perhaps you'll be in Tennessee
Get some joy in Illinois
With the threat of getting wet
Or doing time, e'en with no crime
Stay out of debt and you'll be set.
Perhaps it's best to miss the chest
Even though it's hard to know
Take a stance or take a chance
First you throw and then you go.
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