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Riddle from Jul 08 2018
Falling, falling from on high
Down to where the birds don't fly
Its tail a ladder to the sky.
Unmoving goes against the flow
A drag to make your progress slow
Ascending when it's time to go.
Riddle from Jul 01 2018
A toiler, tireless, straight and tall.
His own little room, he leans against the wall.
His dirty hair, it hangs straight down,
Dry and dusty on the ground.
Push him around as much as you can,
Towards the edge, the edge of a pan.
Riddle from Jun 24 2018
Isn't hurt when it gets hit,
Especially if you're tired.
Perhaps you'll take your stuff in it
If you happen to get fired.
Gauls and Goths in Rome.
Riddle from Jun 17 2018
A tragedy of love.
Peals forth a note so true.
A matter of degrees.
Four sides cut in two.
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