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Riddle from Jul 16 2017
Sometimes inside,
Sometimes outside,
Sometimes it's not there at all.
Life needs form and structure,
Without me you would fall.
Riddle from Jul 09 2017
A pirate's mark upon its vessel,
Perhaps it's born of mortar and pestle.
A coat that sometime's worn on head,
Destroyed by unicorn it's said.
Breathtaking, sets your heart at ease.
Romeo's method or Socrates'.
Riddle from Jul 02 2017
An eye of jade
May hold a flame,
I swim within a sea that's dry.
A gesture made
'Gainst Ares' game;
A branch of hope that less will die.
A virgin grade
I hope to claim
When tasteful tears I'm made to cry.
Riddle from Jun 25 2017
Amazing creature with a bullish view.
Horns in on the lost who haven’t a clue.
Treasured guardian and death bringer
That was defeated by a first stringer.
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