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Cloud Kingdom Riddle of the Week
Sun Sep 27
This Week's Riddle
Giants are slain and then they're bound
Pushed and shoved and then they're drowned
Thin and flat fruit of the slaughter
Lets the maker stand on water.
Pole perhaps to guide the way,
To where a Finn might spend his day.
Solve the Riddle!
Solve the Riddle!

Now available - Solve the Riddle! the collected Indy 2005-2011 Riddle Books.
Just because you couldn't go to Indy this year, doesn't mean Indy can't come to you.

For the final seven years we exhibited at Gen Con, we collected our hourly riddles into books.
Solve the Riddle! contains all those riddles together with some behind-the-booth observations by RiddleMaster MDM.

The eBook is now available on Amazon and the paperback is coming soon.

New web site
2019-08-05 16:36   ID#  112171
A new web site is coming soon, one that's friendly to mobile, tablet and touch screens. As soon as the beta site is available, we'll let you know.
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