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Riddle from Mar 17 2019
It's mine when I don't want it,
Below the ground it lies.
Bad service will lead to it,
In court beneath the skies.
Riddle from Mar 10 2019
It seems quite captivating,
To those who feel no pain.
The lost may use it on their way
So the way is found again.
But when it spins among the strands
Then power we’ll obtain.
Riddle from Mar 03 2019
At warp speed it goes,
Standing in one place.
It weaves its way through atmosphere,
As its shuttle flies through space.
Riddle from Feb 24 2019
A windowless, wooden house
With just one door to enter.
A hermit's hut in many ways,
And not leased to a renter.
A verdant lawn will oft surround
Just two yards from the door.
A house that none will live in,
Yet empty nevermore.
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