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Riddle from May 17 2020
The odd man out, some might say,
Unlike most others in its pack.
A motley colored fool perhaps,
Blood and ebon fill the stack.
Often wild yet might be tamed
Taken in hand to fill a lack.
Riddle from May 10 2020
I start out as an article
Then precede vowels as I grow
I evolve to an insect
And then am con, not pro.
I am then one silly action
Then more. Now me you know.
Riddle from May 03 2020
I have true grit
And the smooth moves are mine.
And as my number increases
I get mighty fine.
Riddle from Apr 26 2020
A cage unclosed,
A beast within,
Who jumps and bites without remorse.
A cage of stone
With tower built,
To tame the elemental force.
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