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Riddle from Sep 08 2019
The hunter far and wide will roam,
Like a ghost of sun and shadow.
First she'll brush then find the comb,
And then put on a dancing show.
Mother waits inside her home,
Where golden treasure flows.
Riddle from Sep 01 2019
With a scale that doesn't show your weight,
It's a guide that often lies,
Takes three and turns them into two,
Helps travellers be wise.
Riddle from Aug 25 2019
Curling that is not a sport
Cast not in a play.
An Age you can not live to reach
This horse will never neigh.
Riddle from Aug 18 2019
A lion flying in the night
Trails a creature of the sea.
He never roars, he never hunts.
Connect the dots and you will see.
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